Ideas.  Expertise.  Capital.

Investment Banking

We will help you execute a plan that best suites your business needs.  Our experience includes ... 

  • Providing Expansion Stage Capital
  • Restructuring and Turn Arounds
  • Municipal Market Capital & Restructuring
  • Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales and Divestitures
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Why choose BM&O as your investment banking partner?

  • BM&O Partners have extensive experience in private equity, debt funding, venture capital, business operations, real estate and municipal finance.
  • We have an established network of commercial and private lenders, and equity investors.  We will match your company with funding sources best suited for your business.
  • As part of our engagement agreement, we will evaluate your business plan and help you strenghten deficient areas before the plan is submitted.
  • We make money only if we are successful getting your business funded or the transaction completed.  Our fee is paid at closing.
  • We dramatically improve your odds of securing the right equity partner or closing the deal.

The Central Gulf Coast Region

BM&O is located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay in South Alabama. The emerging high level of economic activity along the Gulf Coast presents significant opportunities for funding high potential business ventures where traditional capital may not be available.